Our Stores

When you visit our stores, you will immediately notice that our storefront is bursting with seasonal bedding plants and colorful baskets, lush ferns and peculiar succulents. Walking into the store you will find many options of landscape management products; holiday, home and garden décor; indoor plants; gifts; garden tools and supplies, and seasonal / holiday items. When strolling through our outside grounds, you will find a myriad of greener, shrubs and trees; fruits, herbs and vegetables; palms and tropical; annuals and perennials; as well as amazing pottery, fountains and statuaries.

Our Offering

We offer a wide variety of greenery that changes continuously in our Sandfly and Thunderbolt locations, and we have what you need when your landscape is ready for an update. Our skilled and talented staff can provide you on what plants will work best with Savannah’s climate and your landscape design. If you do not have the right equipment to take your purchases, we offer delivery and installation of all our products, including the area’s best pine straw; for a small convenience fee.

Join the Club

Frequent customers love our Digger's Club! For a $20 annual membership, Digger's Club members receive 10% off of all their plants, pottery, statuary and fountains. Between spring and fall planting, even casual gardeners usually find that they spend more than the $200 point where the Club pays for itself and avid gardeners and houseplant collectors can rack up some serious savings. Our Digger's Club members also receive a free T-shirt every year in a fresh new collectible annual design.


Cruise around the website to find out more about our product offerings and services or stop by our stores and get some idea about landscape improvements or overhaul possibilities.